Evo Morales reaches Mexico as supporters march in Bolivia

LUIS ANDRES HENAO and CARLOS VALDEZ Associated Press LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Evo Morales, who sought to transform Bolivia as its first indigenous president, flew to exile in Mexico on Tuesday as thousands of his supporters clamored for his return in the streets of the Bolivian capital. Military fighter jets flew repeatedly over La Paz in a show of force that infuriated Morales loyalists who were blocked by security forces from marching to the main square. "We're not afraid!" shouted demonstrators, who believe the ouster of Morales following massive protests was a coup d'etat as well as an act of discrimination against Bolivia's indigenous communities. "Evo was like a father to me. We had a voice, we had rights," said 35-year-old Maria Apasa. Like Morales, she is a member of the Ayma
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