See the hard truth on ending enslaving debt

Diane Sieker photo
Both major political parties had the power to control or end enslaving national debt the last 50 years. Both failed, and neither party even tries to end it anymore. Neither party has the intestinal fortitude to say “no” to government gifting, and now they offer only more debt on our defenseless children and grandchildren. The hard truth is there will be no Social Security for the today’s children. The present path offers only loss of liberty and bankruptcy. The national debt exceeds $23 trillion. To pay this debt today each taxpayer owes $186,578, immediately. The largest creditors in order are: Medicare/Medicaid $1,253,523,000,000, Social Security $1,044,752,000,000, defense/war 673,433,000,000, income security/welfare $301,114,000,000, net interest on debt $374,060,000,000, fede
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