Veteran Joshua L. Alves overcomes roadblocks to create a successful racing team

Joshua L. Alves and his son enjoy the off-road scene together. Anza Valley Outlook/Courtesy photo
U.S. Army combat veteran Joshua L. Alves turned his feelings of hopelessness into an off-road racing dream come true. He served in the infantry from 2003 through 2013, attaining the rank of sergeant. He deployed to Iraq in 2004, Korea from 2005-2006 and Afghanistan in 2010 in a tour in which he did not complete due to injuries. “When I first got out I had a really hard time, being I was medically retired,” Alves said. “After being hurt again in 2010, the Army told me I could no longer play GI Josh. So when I got home I was on quite a bit of pain medications from the Veteran’s Affairs. Needless to say, I almost became one of the 22 veterans a day that take their own lives.” Depressed, divorced and injured, with no income and the bills stacking up, Alves was struggling, he
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