Movie Review: ‘Scoob!’

Valley News/Courtesy photo
Bob Garver, Special to Valley News It has been over a month since “Trolls World Tour” took the on demand world by storm, offering families the chance to catch a shiny new movie while stuck in quarantine. That film took in an estimated $100 million in revenue in its first two weeks, success that “Scoob!” is hoping to repeat with its own on demand release. There’s really no reason why it shouldn’t. Like “Trolls World Tour,” the film is a colorful animated adventure based on a well-known property playing to an audience that doesn’t have a lot of first-run options. The only obstacle I can see to the film achieving wild success is that it isn’t very good. The film opens quite promisingly, with young pup Scooby-Doo, played by voice acting extraordinaire Frank Welker, me
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