Musician moves to Temecula for a fresh start

Michael Kirby, who makes music as K.I.R.B., moved to Temecula for more opportunities as he pursues his passion. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Growing up in a low-income neighborhood of Imperial County, Michael Kirby spent most of his time surviving. Surrounded by crime, drugs and violence, he turned inward to find his salvation. He started writing poetry while in middle school and started making music in high school. Now 19, he loves performing because it allows him to express himself. “My parents did a great job protecting me from that environment by keeping me inside the house during my childhood,” Kirby said. “But without music, I probably would be lost.” He recalled a time when he was about 8 years old and went into the backyard with his father and saw used needles, crack pipes and tin foil that his dad cleaned up. Although he was too young to understand that it was drug paraphernalia, Kirby said looking back,
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