Giddings Ranch offers fresh organic produce

Rick and Barbi Giddings of Giddings Ranch offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables at Graffiti Coffee Sunday, Aug. 22. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo
Rick and Barbi Giddings were in the Anza Valley with home-grown fruit and vegetables offered at their booth at the Graffiti Coffee event Sunday, Aug. 22.From peppers, dried fruits and zucchini, to eggplant, oranges, peaches and watermelon, the offerings were reasonably priced.“We have been sun-drying our apricots, peaches and tomatoes using only lemon juice for the fruit and salt for the tomatoes. They won’t win a prize for looks, but they taste incredible,” Barbi said. “We operate by donations, but I’ve been requested to provide suggested prices.”Guests enjoyed tasting the fruit before they purchased, and no one went away empty-handed. Friendly chatter focused on the Giddings’ hard work and dedication to their craft and their customers.[gallery td_select_gall
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