EMWD says storing water in homes for major emergencies is necessary

Bottled water, either from the tap or commercially purchased should always be readily available in households along with a go-bag and other survival items in the event of a major emergency such as earthquakes. It takes 1 gallon of water per person at minimum to survive per day in a major emergency. Valley News/Tony Ault photo
Eastern Municipal Water District, as a part of September’s National Preparedness Month, and now in light of the continuing drought, gave its customers notice they should be ready in the event of a major emergency, such as an earthquake.EMWD focused its attention on water in particular, which is an absolute necessity for life.The water district said a major emergency could result in delays in the water services being restored, such was the case in the flooding recently experienced in Louisiana from Hurricane Ida where residents may still not have safe water to drink.Earthquakes are EMWD’s major concern for their almost 1 million customers and others in the Inland Empire. Earthquakes can cause water lines to break and change the course of well water supplies. Finding, getting
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