Krikorian Theater owner commits to finish idled project, seen as eyesore to many city residents

“We are committed to go forward,” George Krikorian, owner of the Krikorian Multiscreen Theater that now sits only partly finished and often termed an eyesore in Menifee, told the Menifee City Council Wednesday, Oct. 20.Krikorian appeared before the council that evening after driving three and one-half hours in heavy traffic. Appearing at first very humble, lightened up when he told the council that the construction on the adjoining retail center on Newport Road off Civic Center Drive, will be going ahead within 30 to 60 days with many new tenants already promising to move in.The major national theater owner, as requested by the council, personally gave a detailed updated report on the huge 13-screen theater that remains only partially finished with the plywood front walls parti
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