Pediatric headaches are a common issue

Victoria Karian, a graduate of Boston College and Simmons College, has 42 years of experience in pediatric medicine and 25 years at Boston Children’s Hospital. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Shelby RamseySpecial to the Valley NewsParents typically strive to keep their children as healthy as possible, but even the most proactive find various situations can necessitate a visit to the doctor’s office, including painful headaches.“Headache and migraine are in the top 5 diagnoses presenting in the pediatric primary care office,” Victoria Karian, CPNP-PC, a 42-year veteran of pediatric medicine, said. “Incidence of migraine in children is reported at 9 to 10%.”Karian has worked at Boston Children’s Hospital for 25 years, with a 12-years focus on inpatient pediatric pain and outpatient headache management. She is passionate about health care for children and adolescents.Karian identified three most common subtypes of primary headaches seen in pediatric
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