RE: Opinion: Newsom continues to cut press access while lecturing Red States on ‘Campaign for Democracy,’ April 14, 2023

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Once again Julie, you prove yourself and your fine newspaper to be a beacon of fair and balanced journalism, which by the way, is not followed by all of your contemporaries. Though your Op-Ed piece may be focused in one direction, we can rest assured that the balance is achieved by the bounty of extant journalism which widely swings the other way. I am speaking of how the majority of the media would never dare to criticize a Democrat governor regardless of his or her faults. How dare any politician lecture any other on how they should address the issues of the day. Make your point if you will Newson, but to lecture your contemporaries as if you are some sort of professor on all subjects public, demonstrates the hubris and ill-placed conceit on your part. I hope the Demos do put you up in 2024. The material available to your Republican adversary will be abundant and a pleasure to watch demonstrated.

Michael F. & Barbara C. Sullivan