Opinion: Timeline Of Ukrainian Pay-To-Play Scheme Confirms Bidens’ Corruption

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Deroy MurdockDaily Caller ContributorThe Biden crime family’s multi-million-dollar bribery and money-laundering operation has more moving parts than an 80-year-old grandfather clock. Even newsaholics find it tough to follow this scandal’s interlocking meetings, phone calls, trade junkets, wire transfers, and shady characters with unpronounceable names. As just-appointed Special Counsel David Weiss soon will learn – unlike “White House aides break into Democrat headquarters” – capturing the Bidens’ shakedowns requires more than one bumper sticker.Thankfully, the House Government Oversight Committee has ridden to the rescue. The Bidens’ Influence Peddling Timeline vividly illustrates the assorted crooks who paid Hunter Biden, his associates, and eight of his relat
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