Letter to the TVUSD School Board

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Dear TVUSD School Board,

The school board’s proposed parental notification policy is both a common sense and worthy proposal to what so many voters, parents, and taxpayers want in our school district as well as in society at large; a return to normalcy.

It has long been a normal standard throughout virtually all school districts that parents receive timely and pertinent notifications from school officials for a variety of reasons, including school sponsored field trips, medical, psychological and counseling issues, extracurricular activities, student commendations, as well as disciplinary actions, and the safety and security of the students.

It is only natural and right that parents are fully informed about their minor children in all aspects concerning the education, safety, growth and the raising of their children. In our American tradition, such notions are commonly referred to as natural rights.

Some 100 years ago, the totalitarian Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin infamously said “give me your four year olds, and in a generation I will build a socialist state.” Lenin’s cruel policies would go on to decimate the Russian family unit paving the way for mass repression, terror, and genocide within the Soviet system.

The far left fringe activists who are against this policy of parental notification are little more than modern day Bolsheviks seeking to divide and destroy our notions of loving and caring families.

Yet perhaps, there is one aspect to this policy that could be amended in a somewhat Solomonic fashion. To blunt the critiques by these left wing zealots, this board should consider adding a provision or amendment that would allow parents, the few who may vociferously disagree with this policy, to sign a waiver instructing school officials to not notify them as to their students’ personal, medical, and/or psychological issues and concerns.

This would allow those few fringe activists to live under a policy that suits their parochial interests, with the added benefit of not mandating their extreme notions upon the majority of parents who just want to be fully and lovingly involved with their children’s lives.

It would be fair to say that such parents who would actually sign such a waiver could very well be so disinterested in their own children’s education and welfare that perhaps it would be better that others take a stronger in loco parentis role for their unfortunate children.

It could also be fair to say that even such a waiver probably would never mollify the most hardened leftwing zealot and union activist. Such personalities, unfortunately, will never be satisfied until everybody agrees with their twisted visions … lock, stock and barrel.

To those hardcore personalities, remember … we Americans, even here in Temecula, still have and cherish our Constitutional republic that is practiced through representative democracy.

On a related note, the 2022 TVUSD school board elections swept into office a new majority, and this majority won with comfortable leads. The Temecula voters who voted you into office are not wild-eyed radicals seeking upheaval. Rather, these voters only seek a reestablishment of their birthrights through recognition of their naturally free agencies, along with due process consideration and respect by the leaders elected to this board.

The voters did not vote to burn it all down … they voted for a return to normalcy. They voted for a board that honors our Constitution and our American heritage of promoting individual liberty and natural rights. They voted to have their local voices heard and represented, despite the corrosive Politburo politics emanating from our state’s and our nation’s dysfunctional capitols.

So, whatever this parental notification policy is called, be it a parents’ bill of rights, or some other title, let it proceed and be implemented. To those few, wild-eyed, wannabe Bolsheviks with purple-dyed hair making their angry TikTok videos, let them opt out of this policy with a waiver.

Not everyone will be 100% happy with this. But at least this could be implemented as a “live and let live” policy in which most everybody comes away from this with something, and no rational person is left feeling like an unwanted political agenda is to be force fed down an unwilling throat. In this way, there is no actual risk of the proverbial baby, or in this case, the student, being cut in half.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Reiss