Living Free Animal Sanctuary dog of the week: Meet Spotty

Spotty the dog is up for adoption at Living Free Animal Sanctuary. Valley News/Courtesy photo
Spotty is a 10-year-old American Bulldog mix. He often has a big goofy smile on his face and is always ready to play. He adores everyone he meets and is eager to be around staff and volunteers. He absolutely loves belly rubs and enjoys a good romp at the park. He especially likes playing fetch. Overall, Spotty is a good natured and affectionate guy. Spotty's only issue is he does not like thunderstorms and can become very anxious when left alone. Spotty's ideal home will be with a family that is home often. Our kennel is also more than happy to help support anyone who adopts Spotty in managing Spotty's anxiety. Spotty is waiting for that adopter that is looking for a great dog that wants to be part of an active, loving family.[caption id="attachment_82334" align="aligncenter" wid
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