UCR ‘pretendian’ professor would fit well in the U.S. Senate, with the other liars and demagogues

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Wow. University of California Riverside’s “Pretendian Professor” Andrea Smith gets a whole year to resign after getting exposed in another typical ivory tower academia, fake diversity fraud scandal. She also keeps her retirement and the honorary title of emeritus too.

What a sweet liars’ deal. No wonder college tuition continues to soar, even at rates higher than inflation.

Not to worry … this bad penny will surely turn up again.

Perhaps “Professor” Smith ought to toss in her hat for the California U.S. Senate race.

As California seems lost in a left-wing progressive doom loop race to the bottom with other deep blue states like Massachusetts, this “pretendian” professor could fit quite well in the U.S. Senate with fellow liars and demagogues like Senator Elizabeth Warren, aka “Lieawatha.”

How entertaining it could be watching “Professor Pretendian” tell whoppers with lying Senate candidates like Adam Schiff, among the too many other demagogic candidates.

Rick Reiss

Temecula resident

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