3030 Publishing’s Teacher of the Month Program celebrates educators

3030 Publishing's Teacher of the Month program spolights Mrs. Domonique Vernon and Mr. Eldridge Grant. Valley News/Courtesy photo

In the realm of education, there’s a transformative power that goes beyond textbooks and traditional teaching. At 3030 Publishing, in collaboration with Hope Service non-profit organization, we spotlight the true heart and soul of education by recognizing educators who champion SEL, equity, and empathy in their teaching methodologies.

This month, we present two such champions: Mrs. Domonique Vernon and Mr. Eldridge Grant.

Mrs. Domonique Vernon is a third-grade teacher at the Rialto Unified School District. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Mrs. Vernon, a third-grade teacher at the Rialto Unified School District, intertwines academic rigor with emotional well-being. “I chose teaching because of the educators who believed in me,” she reveals. Her mornings commence with affirmations, a tradition she attributes to teachers from her past who merged curricular teachings with life lessons. Having begun her journey in the tumultuous post-2020 COVID era, Mrs. Vernon stresses the importance of a safe space, blending lessons with character-building, “giving students tools for success and opportunities to implement them.”

Mr. Eldridge Grant is a science teacher at Murrieta Mesa High School, part of Murrieta Unified School District. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Over at Murrieta Unified School District, Mr. Eldridge Grant not only instructs in science at Murrieta Mesa High School but also pilots the mentoring program, Mesa Men. A diverse group representing multiple races, the Mesa Men face real challenges that pose threats to academic success. Mr. Grant serves as their bridge, aiding them to overcome obstacles. He says, “As school starts, we discuss not just the goals of this month but the end-of-year objectives. We address long-term aspirations, including trade schools and colleges. We start with their distant dreams and build a blueprint backward, helping them visualize the steps to turn dreams into realities.” The profound trust and connection he fosters offer these young men a safe space to be transparent and vulnerable, ensuring their emotional well-being aligns with their academic pursuits.

The synergy of Mrs. Vernon’s innovative methods and Mr. Grant’s holistic mentoring encapsulates what John Broussard, founder of 3030 Publishing, envisions for education. “Our partnership with Hope Service emphasizes recognizing educators who seamlessly connect the heart with the mind,” he affirms, applauding those who interlace academic excellence with SEL intellect.

Join us in this pivotal movement. Your alliance with Hope Service non-profit can amplify this impact. All contributions bolster our “Educator of the Month” program, leading to the illustrious “Teacher of the Month Awards Dinner” in June 2024.

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By spotlighting these educators, we aim to inspire many more to blend intellect with emotion, transforming lives one student at a time. Your action today shapes the trajectory of a brighter educational future.

Educators are the unsung heroes shaping the next generation.

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Every month we celebrate and recognize educators and coaches who are doing exemplary work in the area of SEL, Empathy, and Equity in their school communities. Including but not limited to initiatives, relationship, and culture building, along with awareness. Feel free to share with other educators so they can also nominate deserving colleagues. All award recipients and their nominators will be invited to the Teacher of the Month Awards Dinner held annually at Pechanga Casino.
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