Kicking It

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Elizabeth Youngman-WestphalSpecial to the Valley NewsIsn’t it a given that if you put your head on a pillow, sleep will follow?Yet, ever since my television was banned from the bedroom years ago, slumber comes at a price. It turns out to be a struggle unless I can read myself to sleep. The only alternative takes hours repeating a tedious mantra which is reason enough for me to awaken most mornings cuddled up to my Kindle.Knowing some suggest that digital devices can actually deter sleep due to the emitting light, for me, it’s just the opposite. Here is what happens without my reader: for some reason an unwelcome hatch opens a bee hive of thoughts buzzing inside my prefrontal cortex causing sleep to allude.Bedtime reading is de rigueur. That is why I was in a kerfuff
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