Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Professional designer shares top tips for maximizing space in a tiny home

MILFORD, Conn. – Wren Kitchens teamed up with professional interior designer Katie Geddes, owner and lead designer of Katie Geddes Interiors, located in Milford,...

What to know before installing built-ins

TEMECULA – After purchasing a new home, buyers often want to put their own fingerprint on the property. Homeowners anticipate the day when their...

Organize your home office

TEMECULA – Remote working has become popular in recent years, but the “working-from-home” economy bloomed exponentially as the world was forced to confront the...

Improve a kitchen pantry with these 6 tips

TEMECULA – People have been spending more time at home in 2020 than in years past, and certain projects around the house have become...

Storage solutions for pet supplies

TEMECULA – Pet owners soon learn that having a pet means carving out a portion of home real estate for all of the supplies...

Improve storage at home

TEMECULA – Homes are getting bigger, but it seems like people are still lamenting a lack of storage space. National Public Radio said the average...