‘Bonnie and Clyde’ to hide out at Old Town Temecula Community Theater


True crime stories are very popular right now. So, it only makes sense that the Fine Arts Network Theater Company would bring “Bonnie and Clyde” to the Old Town Temecula Community Theater starting Friday, Oct. 11 and continuing through Oct. 27. 

“I always love looking at history from as many viewpoints as possible, and telling the infamous story of Bonnie and Clyde through a musical allows the audience to see another side,” said FAN Artistic Director Brittany Campbell. “It’ll make them think and want to know more about these outlaws all the while they are being entertained. This version of the story helps to tell a story of their humanity, and the boundaries that push people past their breaking points.” 

The musical score blends blues, gospel, and rockabilly sounds and with a live orchestra conducted by Scott Merrin, and piano played by the show’s musical director, Rachel Bailey.

Shannon Murphy stars as Bonnie Parker and Brandon Gonzalez is Clyde Barrow, two mislead lovers that will go on to change the landscape of an entire community and country.

Other leads in the musical include Jaylen Baham as Ted Hinton, Gavin Powell as Buck Barrow, and Erin Metz as Blanche Barrow.

“We are so lucky to have gathered a group of dedicated, passionate and wildly talented actors and actresses to tell this thrilling story,” said director Eric Ruiter. “The full team is willing to go the extra mile in their scene work, musicality and historical research, and the amount of growth we have seen in our short rehearsal process has been a joy to witness.
“The musical focuses heavily on the title characters, and lead actors Gonzalez and Murphy have surpassed every challenge laid before them in bringing these infamous outlaws to life.”

Ruiter said the actors have embraced the roles. 

“The ability to portray real people and tell a real story has been particularly exciting for our performers,” he said. “The collective energy of talented, intelligent artists sharing their research with one another has been infectious and has definitely created a joyous atmosphere in the rehearsal room thus far.”

He is excited about telling this story in Temecula — especially in musical form. 

“I love musical theater’s ability to look an audience in the eye and share a story that engages us intellectually and emotionally while still thoroughly entertaining us throughout,” Ruiter said. “‘Bonnie and Clyde’ checks all of these boxes and does so with extremely inventive staging that takes us through an incredibly iconic moment in American history with music that feels right at home on today’s radio.”

The director said the live band will be a standout in the production. 

“Our live band is going to blow the audience away,” Ruiter said. “Hearing this amazing score played by amazing musicians and sung by amazing vocalists has been exhilarating, and we truly cannot wait to share the experience with our community.”

Ruiter said he hopes the community will come out to support the show and experience community live theater. 

“The play should evoke spirited conversation on the drive home about the power of love, money and the desire for fame to shape our dreams and impact our community,” he said. “The musical is a wild ride, entertaining and challenging throughout. I’m excited for the audience to go on the journey with us.”

Performances begin at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays through Oct. 27 at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater, 42051 Main Street in Temecula.

Tickets range in price from $15 to $27 and discounts are available for seniors (age 65 and older), students and members of the military. 

Tickets can be purchased by visiting the theater box office, calling (866) 653-8696, or online at www.temeculatheater.org.

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