California Auto Registration Service assists Anza residents with DMV services

California Auto Registration Service
California Auto Registration Service in Temecula continues to provide California Department of Motor Vehicles services during the coronavirus pandemic. Anza Valley Outlook/Diane Sieker photo

Every aspect of life in California has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Residents seeking the services of the California Department of Motor Vehicles have been especially hard hit and bewildered by the unprecedented changes in service availability.

California Auto Registration Service in Temecula is open and ready to assist motorists with most DMV transactions.

The DMV does offer Californians essential services online to continue processing critical transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Field offices were closed to the public statewide beginning Friday, March 27, and reopened virtually, Thursday, April 2. All in-office appointments were canceled. Customers were encouraged to check the website for future appointment availability.

Motorists were able to take care of many tasks at the hundreds of kiosks throughout the state or through available local business partners such as CARS.

As far as convenience and the ease of completion of necessary DMV transactions, the company offers a refreshing alternative to the online experience.

CARS started off as a mobile service for auto dealers that did not want to deal with the hassle of going through the DMV for their registration needs. Founder Nancy Whitaker, a previous DMV employee, offered her extensive knowledge of registration processing to the dealers. She and her husband David started the business, and it grew quickly. The decision was soon made to open as a brick and mortar enterprise in Temecula in 1998.

The company provides a wide range of services from renewals, transfers, out-of-state transactions, lien sales, VIN verifications and more. They specialize in classic vehicles, offering crediting records, waiving back fees and re-registering vintage license plates.

“I used CARS to take my SUV from nonoperational status to current registration,” one customer said. “I was a bit intimidated by the new online DMV procedures, and it was much better to work with a live, smiling and helpful person. Vanessa answered my questions and efficiently and quickly completed my paperwork. Their fees are more than reasonable, too.”

Nancy Whitaker died in April 2017, but CARS continues to be operated by her husband David Whitaker and their longtime employees: manager Elizabeth, and Jessica, Vanessa and their newest addition, Edna.

Like most businesses, changes had to be made on how to process paperwork while maintaining proper social distancing protocol to avoid exposure and keep both clients and service providers safe. David Whitaker made sure that by being open to the public, both employees and customers would feel comfortable.

The office is closed, but transactions may take place partly online and partly through a letter slot. For instance, a moving permit or proof of insurance may be sent via email, while titles, registrations and other documents may be exchanged through the slot for expert handling. The employees are patient, courteous and have extensive familiarity with DMV requirements for difficult transactions.

California Auto Registration Service is located at 27625 Jefferson Ave., Suite 105B, in Temecula. They can be contacted by phone at 951-694-4331.

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