Last week, Temecula City Manager Aaron Adams announced that Capt. Zach Hall, a 22-year veteran of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, would serve as the sheriff’s captain commanding over the Temecula Sheriff’s Station.

“I am pleased to welcome Capt. Hall to our executive staff,” Adams said in a press release. “His decades of experience and leadership, including at every sworn rank level within the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, provides a solid law enforcement background that will serve Temecula residents and businesses very well.”

Hall takes over for Capt. Lisa McConnell, who led Temecula’s Sheriff’s Station since July 2017 and moved to the Riverside County Communications Center under Sheriff Chad Bianco.

The city of Temecula contracts with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for Police Services.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Capt. Zach Hall was named as successor to Capt. Lisa McConnell
who led the Temecula area sheriff’s station since 2017. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

Hall joined the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in 1998 and gained experience working at each sworn rank from deputy sheriff to captain. He worked numerous specialized assignments within the corrections division, field operations and administration, and holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership.

“Being the commander of Southwest Sheriff’s station is probably, I would say, the best job in the county,” Hall said in a phone interview. “I’m super lucky to get assigned to the Southwest station. A lot of moving parts, a really good size city, good county area to service. (There’s) just a lot of exciting challenges in this area.”

He said he is excited about joining the city of Temecula in the position.

“Oh yeah, this is great,” Hall said. “They’re very law enforcement friendly. They’re very supportive of what we’re doing here. They’re very supportive of our employees. They have a real kind of family feel to the city staff.

“There’s a very proud resident base and the residents are very proud of their city,” he said. “They’re proud of where they live, which makes it a very enjoyable place to run a sheriff’s department.”

Hall said he has two main focuses in mind during his time in the position.

“It’s kind of the industry standard, but I do subscribe to them as being of critical importance,” he said. “Enhancing the real safety of the residents and their perceived safety, how safe they feel. I think both of those are very high importance. But my focus isn’t just on the residents in the city limits of Temecula, but also in the surrounding area in the county. You know the criminals don’t know the difference between a city area and a county area. What affects one affects the other.”

Hall also talked about how the department can continue to work on homeless issues in the region.

“We have a universal approach kind of across the county where we’re very outreach-oriented, very resource-driven,” he said. “How can we help versus the enforcement attitude. I think everybody will agree that that doesn’t really work. So, providing outreach and resources and assistance and it’s a collaborative effort. We’re not going to be able to solve it on our own. We need all these layers from nongovernmental organizations, community outreach groups, veterans’ affairs – pull all these different components, bring value to our team effort, and that’s what it takes.”

Temecula Mayor James “Stew” Stewart thinks Hall is the right man for the job.

“Public safety is Temecula’s highest priority, and I’m proud of our long history of exemplary leadership in law enforcement,” Stewart said in a statement. “Temecula remains among the safest cities in the United States, and we are confident Capt. Hall will continue to build upon the strong momentum of Temecula’s outstanding public safety track record.”

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