Cash, Hawaii, New York and a car? You can’t beat winning those odds

Jordan Renner waves to the crowd during a taping of “The Price is Right” while show host Drew Carey looks on. Valley News/CBS Television Jordan Perlmutter photo 

Temecula resident and high school student Jordan Renner won big on CBS’ television game show, “The Price is Right,” Wednesday, April 23.

During a weeklong episode airing of “Kids Week,” children and teens of different age groups competed to win cash, trips or cars.

Renner said he first heard about possibly getting tickets for the show back in December.

“My friend informed me that he and his mom were working on getting tickets to go in the audience of ‘The Price is Right,’” Renner said. “I didn’t really know anything about what that entailed, and so I was really excited but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.”

Early February, one of his friends, Ty Smith told Renner they had gotten tickets for the show.

When they arrived on the day of the taping, they stood in line for around an hour.

“They give you numbers at the beginning of the line, and then after that they give you a name tag,” Renner said. “We got into the studio, and it was so surreal.”

They introduced the show, and Renner was called up out of the audience.

Jordan Renner reacts to a spin of the big wheel that landed him in the final Showcase Showdown with show host Drew Carey. Valley News/CBS Television Jordan Perlmutter photo

“They said, ‘Jordan Renner, you’re on “The Price is Right,”’ and I was absolutely mind blown, it was such a crazy feeling, it didn’t feel real,” Renner said.

After competing against several other contestants, Renner ended up walking away with a trip to Hawaii and a trip to New York for four, alongside Broadway tickets, a car and several other prizes.

“I was thrilled because we all knew that he would probably take some of his friends,” Smith, 14, said. “It was kind of a prize for all of us, and just to see the excitement on his face because he always doubts himself, seeing him win and seeing him be so confident was amazing.”

“After I found out that I won, I was sitting in the car with my friends and family and then I opened the door, and I stood out of the car so I could wave to the camera and the show ended,” Renner said. “Drew Carey (show host) came up to me and said congratulations and recommended me a Broadway show to see if I got to choose.”

After the show ended, Renner was taken back into a room where the contestants met to go over the rules about not telling anyone about the prizes they had won until after the April 23 air date, since the taping was Feb. 23.

“There were a lot of signatures and a lot of writing the date and things like that, explaining what the prizes were and if you wanted to opt out of any of them, a lot of taxes and stuff like that,” Renner said. “We signed a couple contracts just saying that if we exposed who the winners were, what we got as prizes, our prizes would be exempt from us and we wouldn’t be able to obtain them.”

“Jordan just really played his cards of being himself and just being crazy Jordan, and so when he got called up, we were all crazy, it was probably one of the best days ever,” Smith said. “We were crying in the audience, he deserved it the most out of everybody.”

For Renner, winning the trip to New York including Broadway tickets was amazing.

“Ever since I was a little kid, that’s where I wanted to go on a trip,” Renner said. “I want to be a performer when I’m older, and so the trip to New York came along with Broadway tickets and that’s my absolute dream, seeing Broadway shows and performing on Broadway.”

Renner said on the way to the show’s taping, he and his friends practiced guessing the prices of things, but he said he had gotten most of them wrong, and that during the show, he relied on those that brought him and the audience.

“I’m super grateful and so lucky,” Renner said. “I can’t believe it happened. I was just in shock the whole time.”

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