Friday, August 7, 2020
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Local parents offer thoughts on new school year

The 2020-2021 school year promises unprecedented changes in policy, safety measures and organization as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting health orders...

ACIL asks Anza Valley residents for help

The Anza Civic Improvement League is asking Anza Valley residents for help. The nonprofit is seeking volunteers, donations and membership purchases to help keep...

Cal Fire’s Grumman S-2 air tankers perform aerial acrobatics while fighting fires

Within minutes of the sighting of a wisp of smoke in the distance, Anza Valley residents will often witness the arrival of Cal Fire’s...

Volunteer Frank Shaffer supervises the Anza swap meet

Volunteer Frank Shaffer can be found supervising the Anza swap meet almost every Saturday. From providing friendly advice and security, to putting out and taking...

Wild weasel wreaks havoc in Lake Riverside Estates home

Michael Floyd, a homeowner at Lake Riverside Estates, had an interesting and unique experience with a normally shy and elusive wild animal recently. A weasel...

Climber gets stuck on mountainside near Anza, culminating in rescue

A climber became stranded Wednesday, July 29, while trying to scale a mountain south of Anza, prompting a rescue operation that ended with the...
Harold Pease Ph.D.

New York Times stalks Tucker Carlson, family afraid again

Harold Pease, Special to the Anza Valley Outlook At the close of the cable news show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” July 20, Carlson had the strangest...

Deputies conduct cannabis eradication raids in Anza

ANZA (CNS) - A series of raids to seize and destroy illegal marijuana grows in the Anza Valley was conducted today, culminating in the...

Man charged with carjacking in Aguanga, fleeing to Mexico

MURRIETA (CNS) - A 29-year-old Iowa man was charged today with committing a carjacking in Aguanga and then fleeing to Mexico, where he stayed...

Life continues in Anza during pandemic

Despite the social and financial turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Anza and Aguanga residents remain mostly untouched by many of the events affecting...