Thursday, April 2, 2020
Mad Madeline’s Grill

Local businesses do what they can to survive

As you drive through Old Town Temecula these days, the silence and emptiness are downright eerie. Then you see it: a parking lot with tables...
Old Town Temecula

Workers struggle with sudden layoffs

A month ago, the United States was in the midst of the longest uninterrupted economic expansion on record. Unemployment levels in the United States have...

Consumer hotline established to ID businesses engaged in gouging

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - A consumer protection hotline is available to Riverside County residents who believe there are businesses engaged in price gouging related to...

It’s an inflatable paradise at Pump It Up Murrieta

Sit back, relax and don’t worry about a thing – Pump It Up throws the party for you. With eight large inflatables in two arenas...

Partners duel in combat at Gryphon Fencing in Murrieta

Fencers shuffle backward and forward across the field of play, hoping to strike the other opponent. Gryphon Fencing has two locations, located in both Placentia...

Menifee awards Goetz Road overlay project to RJ Noble Co.

MENIFEE – The city of Menifee has entered into an agreement with the RJ Noble Company for the Goetz Road asphalt overlay project. Project...

Will they show up? Local businesses preparing for the unknown with coronavirus issue

Jeff Pack Staff Writer It might be the unknown that is weighing most on the hearts and minds of many in the business community as they...

Local chambers of commerce announce cancellations, postponements

The Murrieta Wildomar Chamber of Commerce announced Wednesday, March 11, it would suspend all its activities “out of an abundance of caution” in response...
golf course

CrossCreek offers special membership discount for limited time

Imagine standing on a tee box, surveying the long, winding yards ahead with a golf club in hand and silence all around. That’s what golfers...

Scales of all shapes and sizes slither their way into The Reptile Shop

A 7-foot-long boa was laid out across the concrete for everyone to see as guests crowded around it, hoping to have a chance to...