CHP creates seat belt PSA as a result of multiple fatal collisions


BEAUMONT – As a result of multiple fatal traffic collisions in the recent weeks, the San Gorgonio Pass California Highway Patrol Area has created a public service announcement to discuss the benefits of wearing seatbelts. Lack of use or improper use of seatbelts was a significant factor in fatal collisions since Jan. 1, resulting in 10 people who have been killed.

In the video, the commander references nine fatalities and one person with major injuries; however, Aug. 22, one person succumbed to their injuries as a result of collision and being unrestrained.

Here are a couple of key messages regarding seatbelts.

It only takes three seconds to buckle up, and those three seconds could literally save a life. They will also keep drivers from getting a ticket and a fine.

People increase their chances of surviving a serious collision by 50% when wearing a seat belt.

Regular seat belt use is the single most effective way for people to reduce fatalities in motor vehicle collisions.

The PSA can be found on Facebook or with the YouTube link

For more information, contact public information officer Darren Meyer at (951) 769-2000, ext. 238.

Submitted by California Highway Patrol.