TEMECULA — Monday afternoon, the city of Temecula issued a press release asking local businesses and organizations to assist Temecula Valley Hospital in reinforcing limited supplies as the hospital waits for additional supplies to arrive.

“Mayor James “Stew” Stewart supports this effort locally in response to Temecula Valley Hospital’s request for assistance,” the release states. “Temecula Valley Hospital currently has the medical supplies and personal protective equipment that are needed to keep their employees and medical staff safe. The hospital tracks inventory several times per day and has put in place conservation measures to protect their resources in order to address the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the supply is limited and becoming scarce as they await additional supplies. At this point, the hospital would greatly appreciate local support from the community.”

The city suggested that local businesses that are currently not open due to state mandates may have supplies and equipment. Businesses such as hotels, casinos, wineries, schools, restaurants, contractors, dental offices, chiropractors, child care centers, and others.

Items requested include:

Healthcare masks (surgical masks or N95 masks/equivalents), contractor-grade masks, respirators, and filters.

Disposable gloves, preferably latex-free.

Infrared non-touch rated for human temperature readings.

Other Thermometers
Forehead thermometers, plastic strip thermometers, and digital thermometers

Hand Sanitizer
60% alcohol content required, wipes, alcohol wipes (70% solution), bleach wipes, alcohol swabs (used to clean skin prior to an injection).

Protective Equipment
Medical isolation gowns, disposable coveralls (Tyvek suits), face shields, goggles, disposable food trays, take out and to-go containers (single-use plastic or styrofoam), individually wrapped utensils, napkins, and toilet paper.

The city said that while medical supply and personal protective equipment donations are welcomed, Temecula Valley Hospital can make payment arrangements to support local businesses that would incur a financial burden to donate.

If your business can help, please call 951-331-2536, and Temecula Valley Hospital will make arrangements for delivery or pick-up.

Check TemeculaCA.gov/coronavirus and TemeculaValleyHospital.com/health-alert for information about COVID-19.