The city of Temecula is testing its Telephone Alert System, which can be used to deliver telephone notifications to all residents and businesses affected by a significant event or emergency. A test of the City’s Telephone Alert System is scheduled for Thursday, Fe. 27, 2020, at 10 a.m. or shortly thereafter.
Below are important facts:
1. Listed and unlisted landline phone numbers within the City of Temecula are automatically enrolled and do not need to be registered.
2. Cell phone and VoIP numbers are not automatically enrolled and will require your registration in the city’s self-registration portal. If you would like your cell phone or VoIP number to receive city of Temecula telephone alerts, you must sign up using an address located within the city of Temecula at
NOTE: Addresses that are outside of the City of Temecula boundaries may not receive notifications so it is important to input your City of Temecula home or business address.
3. Once you are signed up and/or if you have a landline within the city of Temecula boundaries, you can expect to receive a test call on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 10 a.m. or shortly thereafter. The test message will be from Caller I.D. (951) 506-5111 (which is the city of Temecula Emergency Citizen Hotline). The message will state the following:
“This is a test. The City of Temecula is conducting a test of its Telephone Alert System. This is only a test. Since you are receiving this test message, your phone number is currently included in the city of Temecula’s Telephone Alert System.
If you know of any city of Temecula resident or business that did not receive this test message, they can sign up online at to receive any future telephone alert notifications from the City of Temecula at
Again, this is a test and this concludes our test. Have a great day.”
Should you have any questions, please contact (951) 693-3959 or Christine.Damko@Temecula (951) 693-3952.

Submitted by the city of Temecula