Come have a ‘RAD’ experience at Murrieta’s newest non-competitive dance school

Rob Reinhagen III of Reinhagem Dance Academy of Dance in Murrieta trains Kara Gray, left, 12 and Olivia Tamayo, 11, during class at his new dance studio. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

Professional dancers Robert “Rob” and Marissa Reinhagen decided only a few weeks ago that they’d be opening the Reinhagen Academy of Dance, their non-competitive dance school in Murrieta.

“I was an athlete all through school, and I played sports,” Rob Reinhagen said. “I played football; I wrestled, swam, but I always did musical theater.”

Reinhagen said he didn’t begin ballet training until he was 18.

“When I was 18, I just kind of fell in love with the dance and the whole part of ballet and training and focusing on my craft,” Reinhagen said. “That’s where my journey began.”

He met his wife through his father, who had been working with her in shows.

Kara Gray, 12, practices ballet at the new Reinhagen Academy of Dance in Murrieta. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

“Her focus is dance right now. She teaches dance, and she’s amazing with the little kids,” Reinhagen said. “Her real act is she’s an amazing singer, and she’s performing locally, regionally for years now as a performer.”

Together, they have a son and daughter who both dance.

“My daughter does ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop,” Reinhagen said. “My son does singing and acting and does some ballet and jazz as well, but actually he prefers tap.”

Reinhagen took his classical training in the east and was a dancer at the Boston Ballet School and The Ailey School in New York, both on full scholarship. He performed professionally and did some theater productions as well.

Dance students at the new Reinhagem Dance Academy of Dance in Murrieta stretch before class. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

“I’ve been teaching for a long time,” Reinhagen said. “I’ve been teaching at various competitive schools the past few years and decided I wanted to be able to get back to training my kids and get back to my roots, just helping all kids succeed in dance.”

Reinhagen said that there are a lot of competitive schools in the area.

“There’s a lot of studios that are competition schools and really push kids to do competitive dance,” he said. “We wanted to be a place where kids can come and focus on the craft itself.”

He said they noticed there wasn’t really a non-competitive school around Murrieta.

“I wanted a place where kids from any studio, no matter what team they’re on, could have the ability to further their training and get a solid, core foundation in ballet, jazz… to help excel what they’re already doing, to just be able to offer more,” Reinhagen said.

A lot of people they’ve known over the years offered their support, he said. The San Diego Civic Youth Ballet donated flooring, and the Academy of Ballet Arts helped as well, to name a few.

Rob Reinhagen III, his wife Marissa, daughter Harmony, 6, and son Robbie, 5, pose for a photo inside the family’s new dance studio located at 24837 Jefferson Ave., Suite 209, in Murrieta. Valley News/Shane Gibson photo

“We’ve had a lot of people that helped because they really believe in what we’re doing,” Reinhagen said.

The grand opening for RAD – Reinhagen Academy of Dance – is Saturday, Oct. 3, from noon to 3 p.m. at 24837 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 209, in Murrieta.

“We’re gonna have some demo classes so people can get a sense of what we do and what we offer,” Reinhagen said. “We have a whole free week of dance Oct. 4-10. The first 30 people that sign up at the door we’re going to waive their registration fee for them, for the season.”

They’re trying to make it affordable, he said, especially during COVID-19, with several pricing options to choose from.

“A lot of people charge like $350 for their unlimited programs, and we’re charging about $275,” Reinhagen said. “I really wanted to make it affordable for everybody, and we have different plans for everybody.”

They’re also offering a hero’s discount for anyone who is a first responder or military with valid ID on monthly tuition.

When they open, they’ll be keeping class sizes down and following COVID-19 health guidelines, ensuring masks are worn and disinfectant is used between classes.

“We want to present that family experience,” Reinhagen said. “We don’t want your kid to just be a number that comes through the door.

“We want you to know that when you come into our door, your child’s in a safe place. Kids should be able to be successful no matter what they do. Even though they might not all become professional ballerinas, we’re going to lay the groundwork to make strong, confident individuals that will excel forward in life no matter what,” he said.

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