Coping with COVID-19: Jumpin’ Bean Party Rentals keeps jumping

Will Dumproff is the founder of Jumpin’ Bean Party Rentals LLC in Menifee. Valley News/Diane A. Rhodes photo

Jumpin’ Bean Party Rentals LLC in Menifee, with a tagline of “Your party is our business,”suffered economic loss during the coronavirus pandemic, as people stayed home and didn’t throw parties with their friends.

The company was founded in 2018 by Will Dumproff, who said his bounce house business is dedicated to serving children by providing a quality, clean and safe unit, and providing customers with an affordable price and value.

“I was fortunate to be mentored by many passionate business colleagues while attending the University of Redlands for my MBA in 2017,” Dumproff, 37, said. “In pursuit of higher education, I was able to gain the confidence and intellect to start a business venture of my own. As an extrovert and servant leader/host at heart, it seemed natural to gravitate to the party rental industry.”

He started researching the field with help from the Small Business Administration in Riverside which provided key statistics, demographics, competition and much more within a comprehensive report pertaining specifically to party rental businesses in the area, Dumproff said.

After purchasing a starter package that included four inflatable castles, Dumproff and his wife Mandy started Jumpin’ Bean Party Rentals.

“I was a bit nervous and uncertain about the success of the business when the truck delivered my first order,” he said. “I had so much to learn; I had to watch training videos and ask competitors how to roll and transport these units.”

Learning curve

Dumproff said that in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, all his scheduled reservations called and canceled.

“The customers were extremely sorry and sympathetic of the hardship I endured,” he said. “I was very positive, yet sincere, while conversing with many parents. I promised to get them back into a Jumpin’ Bean castle when safe.”

In late February, Dumproff decided to take a tactical pause with the business rentals to reevaluate his company’s procedures for delivery, setup and pickup as well as its sanitation methods. The company began a soft reopening in May.

“I had no clue this type of event would ever happen. I think the entire party rental industry was caught off guard by this novel virus,” he said. “Despite everything, it really made us stronger in the end. I’ve seen community come together and help those in need.”

Will and Mandy Dumproff pose for a photo with their daughter Lauren, Sept. 29, beside one of the many inflatables available from Jumpin’ Bean Party Rentals LLC in Menifee. Valley News/Diane A. Rhodes photo


In the first two months of shutdown, Dumproff said the business lost 85% to 90% of its revenue.

“We still had some table/chair rentals to sustain us, but that was about it,” he said. “Not being a brick and mortar business helped tremendously.”

He kept his three employees: a full-time driver, an assistant for setups and take-downs and a business intern from Mt. San Jacinto Community College.

“Heather Stanze set up our digital marketing, created an employee handbook and made our business cards,” he said. “I was able to mentor her on how our accounting system works.”

Dumproff said it took about three months for the dust to settle, and by the end of May, he started receiving calls again. His purchase of new water slides in June became the most popular request, he said.

“With all the amusement parks and places like Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Buster’s closed down, parents were looking for a way their kids could have some fun and realized the party rental guy was still open,” he said. “Since they couldn’t go to the entertainment, we took the entertainment to them in their own backyards.”

The company served the Menifee Spring Fest in 2019 at Central Park and does charitable work with the Girl Scouts and some festival venues.

“Since COVID-19, we have zero prospective clients for festivals or fairs of any kind,” Dumproff said.

Staying healthy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offered specific guidelines for equipment rental businesses on using disinfectants and donning masks.

“We strive to become a better company in that aspect. We understand it is our duty to keep these kids safe,” Dumproff said. “I can assure you that each unit is brought back and reinflated to be thoroughly sanitized (after each use).”

He said he uses three different solvents which are all super effective for disinfecting vinyl surfaces. Jumpin’ Bean Party Rentals has a dozen units of all sizes, and Dumproff said he is slowly adding to the inventory to sustain customer needs and requests.

“We take pride in safety and cleanliness,” Dumproff said. “We are a veteran-owned small business. I’ve been in the military for 18 years, and I am currently an Air National Guard member with the 163d Attack Wing at March ARB.”

Weathering the storm

He said having to witness so many parents cancel or reschedule their children’s parties was difficult, and he was disappointed that his own parents had to cancel their trip from Wisconsin to visit the family.

Dumproff stays in touch with his company’s regular customers through social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. He is also on the Nextdoor app and enjoys providing updates.

“Kids thrive off a sense of normalcy and structure,” he said. “Kids have to be kids and get back to laughing and having fun; I’m just glad we can help with that.”

The company delivers free of charge within 20 miles of its Menifee Lakes area office. Dumproff said his 3-year-old daughter Lauren “loves her daddy’s business” and rides along on some of the deliveries.

“This whole business is philanthropic,” he said. “I wanted to do something bigger than myself and make a legacy for my daughter. This is a family business designed with families in mind.”

Dumproff credited his wife, Mandy, for being an amazing asset to the company saying it wouldn’t be possible to do what he does without her support.

“I’m so proud of him,” she said. “He had a dream, and he made it happen.”

For more information, contact Jumpin’ Bean Party Rentals at 262-894-9316 or visit