Coronavirus situation will help more than hurt Trump


Supposedly the coronavirus quarantine which adversely affected America’s economy threatened President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. The opposite might very likely be the case.

First of all, the loss of jobs, shortages in grocery stores and restrictions on personal activity demonstrate what happens when advocates of big government utilize health and safety to take away Americans’ rights and livelihoods. Most Americans do not like what they have experienced and will likely favor the acceptance of some risk to assure personal rights and economic viability.

The economic situation is worse in California, where Assembly Bill 5 has limited the ability of those who lost jobs to obtain additional income as independent contractors. The inability to make ends meet as an independent contractor in times of crisis illustrates the need for United States Supreme Court justices who will uphold the rights of willing workers to be classified as independent contractors and the need to vote for a president who will appoint such justices has never been greater.

The shortages of food have also demonstrated the importance of agriculture. A presidential candidate who prioritizes the food supply over polar bears and Delta smelt will likely have an advantage.

Those who call for sacrifice for the sake of the environment have also been put on the defensive by the risk of disease being spread by mass transit. The anti-automotive view has lost popularity as the reduced potential to transmit illness has increased the desire for personal vehicles rather than public transit.

The debate on roads versus transit must incorporate freight travel as well as commuter travel, and the importance of the trucking industry has been demonstrated as citizens await the delivery of food and other supplies. The relief provided by the trucking industry also shows the importance of that private-sector element. The effort to solve the pandemic has also shown the private sector to be more capable than the public sector. Private companies have been manufacturing ventilators and masks and working on cures or vaccines. The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are making little progress themselves toward stopping the epidemic or curing those who are infected.

Ironically, the character flaws and other past problems of Trump may actually be of benefit during a crisis. Politicians who know how to stay out of trouble have never been in trouble and have no experience getting out of trouble. Trump has experience handling crises on a personal and professional level, and his ability to overcome a crisis translates into a better chance of success for a national emergency. Americans knew about Trump’s bankruptcies when they elected him, and they voted for him precisely because his experience getting out of trouble makes him more able to get this country out of trouble than politicians who stay out of trouble and have no idea how to get out of trouble. Over the past three years, Trump has shown his ability to handle adverse circumstances, and he is more qualified to take care of the current crisis at the national level than his major-party opponent.

Americans like what private industry has provided more than what government has done. The scenarios resulting from the coronavirus shutdowns will likely favor Trump at the polls.

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