In the article, Water experts address community concerns on water and LEAPS, published in the May 10 edition of Valley News, several errors were reported by Mark R. Norton, P.E., LEED AP LESJWA Authority Administrator.

According to Norton, the statement that EVMWD adds approximately 500 million gallons or 5,000 acre-feet of recycled water each year to the lake is not correct. EVMWD adds approximately 5 million gallons per day, which is more than 5,000 acre-feet a year, of recycled water to Lake Elsinore.

Valley News reported that Lake Elsinore went dry in 1950 and remained so until 1958, but Norton pointed out that Lake Elsinore went dry in 1954 and “stayed that way for nearly 10 years.”

In the story, the Basin Monitoring Program Task Force was referenced as being connected to water quality research in Lake Elsinore and the watershed but the correct task force name is the Lake Elsinore/ Canyon Lake TMDL Task Force is the correct task force related to work associated with LESJWA.

Norton also clarified a statement made by Tim Moore, an independent water consultant supporting the Lake Elsinore/Canyon Lake TMDL Task Force, discussing the potential water quality benefits to Lake Elsinore should the LEAPS project be structured properly.

“LESJWA and the TMDL Task Force are just beginning to investigate how LEAPS may affect the lake. Much more research and analysis will be required as part of that evaluation. We have not yet made any decision on whether to support or oppose the proposed LEAPS project and we will not do so until all of the necessary scientific and technical studies are complete and we have carefully considered the results,” Norton said.

Norton said it was important to note the LESJWA is not either in support or against the LEAPS project at this time.

Valley News apologizes for the errors.