County approves Lakeland Village Master Drainage Plan line


The Riverside County Board of Supervisors members are also the board members of the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, and March 10 the county supervisors voted 5-0 on behalf of both agencies to approve a cooperative agreement with each other regarding a line for the Lakeland Village Master Drainage Plan.

The cooperative agreement covers construction of the first stage of what is known as Line H in the Lakeland Village Master Drainage Plan. The construction will build approximately 1,2 miles of an underground storm drain system in Lakeland Village. The system will capture storm runoff at four locations in the nearby foothills and will redistribute that stormwater to Lake Elsinore, mostly through underground conveyance. When the project is completed approximately 40 acres of floodplain will be eliminated. The Line H sedimentation basin will help improve low-flow water quality before it enters the lake, and the basin will also allow for some groundwater recharge.

The agreement includes the terms and conditions for the project in which the flood control district will design and construct the facilities while the county’s Transportation Department will take over ownership of the facilities after completion and will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the improvements. After the work is completed the flood control district will transfer property easements along Maiden Road between Cottrell Road and the Line H sedimentation basin to the county. The work includes street improvements, catch basins, inlets, laterals, connector pipes, and storm drains within county right of way or county-held easements.

The county will reimburse the flood control district $143,000 for street improvements along Maiden Lane north of Cottrell Boulevard. Gas tax revenue will be used to fund that county contribution.

The flood control district found that the impacts to the project were already addressed under a Programmatic Environmental Impact Report approved in March 2015 and an addendum approved in February 2018, so no further environmental analysis was necessary.

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