Craft Brewing Co. launches Oh, Christmas Tree Triple IPA just in time for holidays

Craft Brewing Company recently released its Oh, Christmas Tree Triple IPA, which they say tastes like Christmas – in beer form, of course. Valley News/Jeff Pack photo

Kirk Madeiros isn’t a very good gift giver. Or is he?

As the story goes, he gifted his son a spruce tree for the yard at his house, but less than a year later, the owner of Craft Brewing Company was back to take half of the tree away.

However, it was for a good cause – the brewery recently released its Oh, Christmas Tree Triple IPA.

“We took half the branches from it and we put it in the boil to get the piney-ness,” Madeiros said. “Cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint, juniper berry – it’s all in it, but when you drink it, it tastes like Christmas. It makes you want to put a Christmas tree and do decorations.”

The concoction was created by Craft Brewing Co.’s brewmaster, Jacob Mitchell.

“Last year when he told me about it, I said, ‘It’s a triple IPA and you want to do what?’” Madeiros said. “I thought, ‘Ah man, that just doesn’t sound right.’ He said, ‘Naw, it tastes really good.’”

Madeiros decided that he hired Mitchell for a reason so he sent him on his way. Madeiros said the new brew turned out good last year, but this year, they made some adjustments and he loves the way it turned out.

“It’s phenomenal now,” Madeiros said.

Craft Brewing Co. started with four home brewers that shared a passion for making great beers. Over the years, some of the partners left the business for different reasons, and in 2017, the Madeiros family became the sole owners of the company.

Craft Brewing Co. has two tasting rooms. The original is at 530 Crane Street in Lake Elsinore and their second is a Old Town Temecula location at 41955 Fourth Street in Temecula.

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