CR&R plans to host a birthday drive-by for 3-year-old trash truck enthusiast

Wildomar resident Jack Carlisle, 3, is excited to see the trash trucks come through his neighborhood each week. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Every week on trash day, 3-year-old Jack Carlisle wakes up excited and ready for the trash trucks to roll down his street.

In a video that has quickly gained attention on Facebook, Jack Carlisle’s mother, Anna Carlisle, reached out to the community in hopes of celebrating her son’s fourth birthday Tuesday, Sept. 1, by having CR&R do a drive-by.

The video shows him running out to see the trash truck and waving his arm in a honking motion; the truck honks, and he jumps around and runs back to his mother, excited that the truck honked at him.

This scene is an almost weekly routine, Anna Carlisle said.

CR&R agrees to do a drive-by with several trash trucks on Jack Carlisle’s birthday, Tuesday, Sept. 1. Valley News/Courtesy photo

“We get three trash trucks or more that come through our street every week,” Anna Carlisle said. “We have to drop what we’re doing – it does not matter what we’re doing. If he hears the trash truck, we’re all going outside.”

After posting the video, tons of comments and private messages flooded Carlisle’s inbox, offering their suggestions of how to go about getting the drive-by to happen. Even Mayor Gene Wunderlich of Murrieta was tagged in the post, and he commented back with a “We’ll see.”

Through the messages, Carlisle connected with a contact at CR&R.

“They said the manager was on board, so they’re being very, very cooperative,” Carlisle said. “They’re going to be able to get some trash trucks to come up to our street, honk and the drivers will be getting out for him and saying hi to him.

“They even asked me for my son’s T-shirt size so they could get him a T-shirt,” she said.

Allie Price, a sustainability coordinator with CR&R, helped initiate the plans for the drive-by.

“My initial reaction was excitement because I began imagining how happy Jack would be if CR&R would be able to do a fun surprise drive-by for him,” Price said.

Wildomar resident Jack Carlisle, 3, is excited to see the trash trucks come through his neighborhood each week. Valley News/Courtesy photo

They’re still working on figuring out all of the details, Price said.

“We want to provide a safe and enjoyable experience that allows the drivers to interact with Jack and his family if possible,” Price said.

When Carlisle initially posted the video, she said she thought it was a long shot, but she wanted to try.

“They also said they’re going to try and get multiple trucks to come, not just one,” Carlisle said. “The fact that they’re excited and they want to help and they want to do this for him is really sweet.”

Carlisle said that there’s one trash truck in particular that honks a lot as he drives by, and it is her son’s favorite.

“It’s not even on our trash day. He won’t even be expecting the trash truck to come, so we’re really looking forward to that,” Carlisle said as they look forward to Sept. 1.

The family has had news channels like NBC reach out to repost the video, and the feedback overall has been great, Carlisle said.

“We’re just really looking forward to it now,” she said.

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