Democrats deserve Sanders

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The Democrats deserve a proto-Communist like Bernie Sanders as their likely presidential candidate. For decades the Democrat Party has flirted with and has had a sick fetish with socialist and Marxist regimes as they backpedaled during the Cold War against the then USSR and their Iron Curtain, and Soviet modeled countries littered throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa.

During the Depression, former President Franklin D. Roosevelt sent his so called “brain trust” to the USSR and to fascist Italy and Nazi Germany to bring back some of their collectivist big government ideas and policies to replicate in America. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson’s so called “War on Poverty” exacerbated poverty while putting marginal families under the thumb of big government. Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama continued this trend with their attempts to socialize American medicine, a premiere enterprise envied by the rest of the world.

Having Bernie Sanders as their standard bearer would just be some much-needed truth in advertising for the Democrat Party … they so richly deserve each other.

Rick Reiss

Temecula resident