Diana Rein ‘reins’ in the audience with sultry, soulful sounds at record launch

Temecula blues artist Diana Rein performs during her CD release party at the Merc Friday, Aug. 16. Shawna Sarnowski photo

For Temecula singer Diana Rein, it’s all about the blues, something her new album “Queen Of My Castle” proves in spades.

Traversing a wide range of emotions, “Queen Of My Castle” strikes a chord in the listeners soul as Rein moves through every aspect of the blues genre from singing the blues to celebrating love, happiness and life, something she showcased with ease at her launch party held at the Merc in Temecula. Friday, Aug. 16.

During the show, Rein performed much of the new album, a follow-up to her critically acclaimed “Long Road.” From the soulful, toe-tapping “Yes I sing the Blues” to the hard rocking, “Heat,” Rein showed a versatile voice and sharper than sharp songwriting skills with some meaty guitar licks thrown in for good measure.

Rein said that it was hard to pick a favorite song but that “The Midnight Line” was one of her top choices.

“Actually, I did that song, the foundation of that song, the instrumental version, I actually looked at the song ‘All Your Love,’ the Magic Sam version and I really wanted to do my own version of that song,” she said. “When I played around with that song, it sounded completely different.”

Rein said when her producer Michael Leasure heard it he said that she needed to write her own lyrics, so that’s what she did.

“Laying it down was fun, but when I play it live, I can’t wait,” Rein said, adding that she plays lead and rhythm at the same time. “I feel really good about that one. It just works.”

“Queen Of My Castle” was released on Mike Zito’s fledgling Gulf Coast Records in June and features 15 songs. The album was co-produced by Leasure – the drummer for the Walter Trout Band – and was mixed by Lincoln Clapp, who previously mixed Texas Flood by the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of Rein’s biggest influences.

“Being with them is pretty amazing,” Rein said. “Mike Zito is an artist and he has been in the blues rock world for a long time now. I honestly thought that this album was going to be independently distributed like my previous albums, but my publicist Doug Deutsch had other plans. He sent it to them, and they picked it up.”

Solidifying herself as an accomplished singer and songwriter, Rein proves that while she sings the blues, she certainly has nothing to be blue about as “Queen of my Castle” solidifies her as triple threat – singer, songwriter and top-notch guitarist.

“Queen of My Castle” is available for download on Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify and Pandora.

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