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One of the most consistent expanding business models in the country is fitness gyms. 

While big-box gyms are popping up all over town, there’s a group of doctors that think there’s room for a boutique gym of their own. 

United Medical Fitness is a 4,000 square foot medically integrative fitness facility in south Temecula off Temecula Parkway that enjoyed a soft opening last week. 

“I believe this gym was necessary for this valley for many reasons,” Fitness Director, Jennifer Sinclair, said. “Currently, the valley has two main options: Large corporate gyms with basic amenities or small boutique gyms that charge a rate that most people can’t afford. There are few in-between options and even fewer that offer a large range of fitness and medical services under one roof. Our fitness center was necessary to change the game of health and fitness by offering extensive services for a price the general population can afford, with some insurances even covering the cost of the monthly membership. The wave of the future in health and wellness is fitness combined with medical healthcare and we wanted to be the first to bring it to the valley.”

United Medical Fitness is a 4,000 square foot medically integrative fitness facility in south Temecula off Temecula Parkway that opened last week. Valley News/Courtesy photo

She said the origins of the gym started just up the road in Murrieta. 

“United Medical Fitness started as a small little gym in the back of a gastroenterology practice in Murrieta,” Sinclair said. “It was a simple boutique type gym with the intention of assisting the practice’s weight loss patients. As time went on and I joined the practice, I saw that we had the capability to create something that no one else had, a fitness center coupled with medical professionals and services. 

“In collaboration with United Medical Doctors CEO, Dr. John Hong, we created a multifaceted facility that catered to the general public who needed more than your average gym.”

Sinclair said the boutique gym has services and amenities unlike any other gym – including a dietitian on staff, medical weight loss, IV hydration therapy, body comp testing, blood work, and more. She said there’s a juice bar on the way, as well.

United Medical Fitness offers programs that include supervised and nonsupervised workout plans. Valley News/Courtesy photo

“The facility is supervised by physicians,” Sinclair said. “We do have doctors and other medical providers on site. We can schedule consultations, follow-ups, and check-ups in our facility. In fact, we recommend that our members schedule an appointment with one of our providers to enhance their experience and make sure whatever program they choose, they are safe and effective.

United Medical Fitness will have a grand opening celebration on Thursday, March 19. Valley News/Courtesy photo

“The benefits are provided individually or through package programs. Members can opt-in or opt-out of any of the services,” she said. “The best part is that since we are a medical facility, some of our services may be covered by insurance.”

United Medical Fitness will hold a grand opening event on Thursday, March 19. New members who come in now can receive a free unlimited week when they sign up. 

Sinclair said the gym isn’t limited to people who need medical supervision. 

“This fitness facility is beneficial for all people,” she said. “Whether they are simply trying to lose weight, rehabbing an injury or are dealing with other medical conditions, all of the staff here are highly trained and experienced. Everyone who walks through the door is being supervised by our kinesiologists, so despite what their end goals are, they are in good hands.”

Sinclair said the gym is different in other ways, as well.

United Medical Fitness offers a full range of workout programs for its members. Valley News/Courtesy photo

“The atmosphere here is much different than your average big box gym,” she said. “When you walk in, you are immediately greeted by our friendly staff. We make sure to know your name, ask how you are doing and create an atmosphere where you feel supported and valued while also offering state of the art medical services. We are proud to have a community-based atmosphere, and that is what our members consistently communicate to us that they love.

“We hope that people who come to this gym get an experience that motivates them to create long-lasting change,” she said. “We want our members to utilize our services and in turn live longer, feel better emotionally/physically as well as have better quality lives. Whole-body wellness is the end goal, and all of our services and amenities foster that journey.

“We are not your average gym, by design and we want the community to know we are in this for the right reasons.”

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