Eagle nests in Anza Valley

bald eagle
Eagle K-02 is seen hunting in Anza. Anza Valley Outlook/ Breana Schmidt photo

A bald eagle has been seen and photographed in the Anza Valley.

The female, called K-02 because of the identification tag she wears, came from Santa Catalina Island as part of the captive breeding program headquartered there. When the orange wing tag with the No. 02 was spotted on the eagle, it didn’t take long to track her back to the program.

According to Peter B. Sharpe, Ph.D., in his report to the Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Service Office, “Restoration and Management of Bald Eagles on Santa Catalina Island, California, 2006,” the bird’s history has been carefully documented.

“Eagle K-02, fostered into the West End nest in 2000, was reported to be breeding at Lake Hemet, California,” according to the report. “We confirmed her identity on May 17, at which time she had a four- to five-week-old chick. The chick successfully fledged around late June.”

Eagle K-02 was hatched at the San Francisco Zoo and was fostered in a wild eagle’s nest on Catalina Island at about three weeks old. As an adult, she settled in Lake Hemet and found a mate. Since 2004-2005, the eagle couple has raised one or two chicks most years that successfully fledged and left the nest. She will be 20 years old in mid-April.

These images were captured by Breana Schmidt Friday, Feb. 14.

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