English learners return to TVUSD campuses


Emily Schwank


The Temecula Valley Unified School District allowed English learning students to return to campus recently and plans to allow special needs students to return to campus.

In early September, TVUSD allowed students who are learning English to return to on-campus classes.

Laura Boss, the public information officer at TVUSD, said, “These are students who live in an area in the district, specifically in wine country, where phone carriers are not serviceable so they don’t have any internet. They can’t use Wi-Fi; anything we provide to them isn’t working.”

The students meet in cohorts.

“It was pretty exciting, and the planning that goes into a lot of trying to get these up and running is extensive because there’s so many things that we have to think about that we’ve never thought about before,” Kimberly Velez, assistant superintendent of student services, said. “But I will say, looking at these hubs for our English language learners, it was a huge success.

“To see the smile on their faces is pretty incredible,” Velez said.

TVUSD decided to expand the plan to include special education students.

“We’re bringing in small cohorts of special education students in very small numbers to be able to provide them direct service,” Velez said. “We have been waiting since August to get some guidance from the California Department of Public Health and that came on Aug. 25. We are so excited that we are actually able to see children face to face.”

On Sept. 11, TVUSD released a survey to special education families to understand their preferences regarding returning to campus.

“We are going to roll it out slowly just because safety of everyone involved is the most important part so we want to make sure it’s all correct. We’re super excited,” Boss said. “We’re just super excited to be able to finally get some of our kids back.”

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