Epoch Times responds to Facebook’s false claims 


Recently you may have seen news reports about Facebook accusing The Epoch Times of being linked to wrongdoing by another media outlet. We want to explain what the fuss is about.

Facebook’s statement on December 20, which intended to expose deceptive social media practices by a website called “The BL,” attempted to tie that site to Epoch Media Group (EMG), which includes The Epoch Times in its network of companies. This claim has been thoroughly debunked by Epoch Times publisher Stephen Gregory:

“EMG has never been affiliated with BL and does not engage in or support the behavior BL is alleged to be involved in.”

Confusion may arise from the fact that BL is connected with an independent company that used to be affiliated with EMG. However, EMG cut ties with that organization in October 2018. The fact-checking website Snopes has reported that BL has stated emphatically that there is no affiliation between it and EMG. In fact, at no time was BL a part of EMG.

Fake News can spread and irresponsible statements made by Facebook have already been picked up by other media.

Publisher asks Facebook to issue a correction and set the record straight

Gregory says he is “disappointed” by Facebook’s actions and by its failure to contact EMG prior to releasing false allegations. He is asking Facebook to issue a retraction:

“We call upon Facebook to set the record straight and issue another statement explaining that EMG is not ‘linked’ to BL, did not coordinate with BL, and is not responsible for BL’s actions.”

EMG and The Epoch Times are in the business of reporting the truth and other outlets, including social media companies like Facebook, should do the same.

For more information, please see our article on this accusation here.

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