EVMWD holds virtual open house


The Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District held a virtual open house Saturday, Oct. 17.

“It went very well. It was a new experience for us doing virtual workshops,” Bonnie Woodrome, EVMWD community affairs supervisor, said.

The Flow into Fall virtual workshop included question and answer opportunities, demonstrations and activities allowing children and adults to learn about the water district and the distribution of water. Flow Into Fall included seven different sessions. Garden advice was provided by irrigation and landscape expert Pam Pavela, who was the Western Municipal Water District’s water efficiency specialist for 14 years and contributed and compiled “SoCal Yard Transformation: A Step by Step Guide to Get the Yard You Want.” Irrigation expert Michael Maidwell of Hunter Industries answered irrigation questions.

“This was a great way for us to reach our customers when we normally would have an in-person open house. It gave EVMWD an opportunity to share a behind the scenes look into water production, reliability and efficiency and make it easily accessible for all of our residents,” Woodrome said.

Flow Into Fall also included a virtual tour of EVMWD facilities. The virtual event allowed viewers to learn about the production and distribution of the area’s potable water.

“Lots of activities, plenty of things to do,” Woodrome said.

The virtual open house included educational games. Two video games were designed by local youth: one involves catching water drops and the other is a river rafting adventure. Children were also informed with an edible – had the food and drinks been real – aquifer; the food and beverages represent different levels of the aquifer and the well is equated to a straw.

“It’s kind of fun activities that teach kids a little bit about the interesting parts of water,” Woodrome said.

The virtual format also allows the http://www.evmwd.com/flowintofall product to remain on the district’s website.

“The event is available still,” Woodrome said. “We’re going to continue to keep it open and available for people to come in.”

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