Fight at Great Oak High School results in student arrest

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A student at Great Oak High School was arrested after a fight that occurred in a classroom on Tuesday, authorities confirmed.

The fight took place during a third-period sophomore English class, according to an email sent out to parents Wednesday morning by GOHS Principal Aimee Ricken.

“Currently, we are wrapping up the investigation of the fight which occurred between two male students during class,” Ricken said in the email. “During the fight, two male students exchanged punches and a file cabinet was knocked over.”

Ricken said one student hit his head on a corner of the file cabinet, causing a cut that bled profusely, although a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson said there were no serious injuries.

“The victim was transported to the hospital as a precaution due to falling, not as a result of the suspect punching him,” sheriff’s Deputy Robyn Flores said.

A teacher who tried to intervene in the fight also fell during the altercation, according to Ricken and Flores. The teacher was not actually assaulted by either student, Flores said.

Ricken said law enforcement and campus administration were wrapping up an investigation into the incident on Wednesday.

According to Flores, one arrest was made on suspicion of battery, and the suspect was referred to Riverside County Juvenile Probation for review.

The name of the student who was arrested was not released, as the suspect is a minor.

The teacher involved was treated at a hospital and was resting at home on Wednesday, according to Ricken.

The principal said some rumors that had been spread about the fight were inaccurate.

“There have been a few misconceptions about the fight and we want to make sure that you have accurate facts,” she said. “No weapon was involved in the fight. Also, contrary to rumors circulating, the issue of race was not a motivator.”

Ricken said students in the class were taken to another classroom after the fight so that additional cleaning could take place, and the room was receiving a “deep cleaning” on Wednesday.

Temecula Valley Unified School District spokeswoman Laura Boss said the incident “is another opportunity to reinforce the value of conflict resolution in lieu of physical contact,” and that those involved will face consequences from the school and law enforcement.

“Administration acted swiftly and coordinated with police on the investigation of the incident,” Boss said. “The involved parties are being dealt with and the school reinforced the availability of support resources for students who were unfortunately caught in the presence of the incident.”

In March, a lunchtime brawl at Great Oak that grew to involve hundreds of students resulted in two teenagers being hospitalized. Another student and two campus supervisors also sustained less-serious injuries in that fight.

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Noon Thursday: This story was updated with additional details about the injuries sustained during the fight.

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