Flood control district transfers easement to city of Lake Elsinore


The Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District conveyed an easement to the city of Lake Elsinore, which will allow for the widening of Collier Avenue.

The members of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors are also the members of the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District board, and the county supervisors voted 5-0 Tuesday, Sept. 15, to authorize the conveyance of the easement interest. The transaction itself was also found to be categorically exempt from California Environmental Quality Act review, although the development which will require the widening of Collier Avenue is subject to CEQA.

The parcel is associated with the Third Street Channel and is on the northwest corner of Collier Avenue and Third Street. At one time that property allowed for an open channel, although in 2019 the flood control district and Lake Elsinore collaborated to reconstruct the open channel to an underground storm drain.

Three parcels adjacent to the flood control site are owned by SRZ Yuma Inc., which has plans to develop the property. The city of Lake Elsinore conditioned the development upon improving Collier Avenue to its ultimate width. The widening of Collier Avenue requires the 26-foot-wide easement which totals approximately 1,808 square feet.

The granting of the easement will not interfere with the flood control district’s operation or maintenance of the Third Street Channel, and the improvements to the Third Street Channel were planned to accommodate the ultimate widening of Collier Avenue.

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