Free speech denied medical profession

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Harold W. Pease, Ph.D., Special to Anza Valley Outlook

I recently covered America’s Frontline Doctors who gathered from across the nation in front of the Supreme Court Building to vent their inability to bypass media censorship to inform Americans that much of what they have been told about COVID-19 is inaccurate and that the fear surrounding it is unnecessary. Children can go back to school without fear, masks or social distancing. Doctors already have the prophylactic drugs to prevent infection and to cure the infected. These physicians are doing just that very successfully, according to “America’s Frontline Doctors Censored by Big Tech,” on LibertyUnderFire.

Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter removed their message from their platforms within hours, but fortunately not before 17 million people heard what they had to say. They used the rest of their influence to vilify these doctors with all their other media outlets because the doctors opposed the “authorized” narrative – be afraid, stay afraid. I believe readers are entitled to the voice of the medical profession. The doctors, claiming to represent thousands, made other points not previously covered that America needs to hear.

Dr. Stella Emanuel voiced a common concern that Americans were not allowed to listen to doctors on the front lines who actually work with COVID-19 patients.

“My message to Dr. Anthony Fauci is, when was the last time you put a stethoscope on a patient?” she asked.

Implying that assessment from a distance is very different from “feeling the victim’s skin and looking them into their eyes as front-line doctors do.”

A big issue for the doctors was the sudden opposition to the drug hydroxychloroquine, which was successfully used by doctors for 65 years and was once sacrosanct by the World Health Organization, to make the claim that “no one needs to die.” All noticed that the Democrat-led state governors and Pharma organizations are now seemingly opposed to it.

The doctors recognized that some few studies had not supported the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.

Emanuel said, “I want to know who is behind (these studies) because there is no way I can see 350 patients, and counting, and nobody is dead, and they all did better,” if these drugs do not work.

“I’m here to say to America, there is a cure for COVID-19… it’s called hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax,” she said. It “is time for the grassroots to wake up and say no, we’re not going to take this any longer. We’re not going to die.”

Their collective answer to these studies, as explained by Dr. Richard Urso, was those doing the studies used “very very high doses, massive doses… They use(d) 2,400 milligrams in the first day, all you need is 200 twice a week for prophylaxis…”

He identified three flawed studies in particular.

“When you use massive toxic doses, you get toxic results. The drug doesn’t work when you give toxic doses.”

He said, “The regimen of the drug is very simple 200 milligrams twice in a week and zinc daily.”

These studies had to be retracted as a result.

He identified a bigger problem – politics.

“The whole political situation has driven the fear toward this drug, so let’s address that. This drug is super safe. It’s safer than aspirin, Motrin and Tylenol, it’s super safe.” Hydroxychloroquine “should be in the hands of the American people.”

Why isn’t it? Because of politics.

“It’s being blocked from doctors prescribing it, and it’s being blocked from pharmacists, releasing it. They’ve been empowered to overrule the doctor’s opinion. Why is this not over the counter” as in Latin America, Indonesia and even Sub-Saharan?

Dr. James Taylor said, “If it seems like there’s an orchestrated attack that’s going on, against hydroxychloroquine, it’s because there is. When have you ever heard of a medication generating this degree of controversy? A 65-year old medication that has been in the World Health Organization’s safe essential list of medications for years.”

He said that Facebook and YouTube were “the most draconian” in censorship and silencing and freely admit doing so. Mark Zuckerberg once said, “Anything that goes against what the World Health Organization …is subject to censorship.”

Taylor said, “We all know the World Health Organization has made a number of mistakes during this pandemic.”

Laura Ingraham has interviewed many other doctors successfully using hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax in treating the Wuhan China virus. For Fox News listeners, this information is well known and verified.

Dr. Joe Ladipo was concerned about the more controlled networks that were not giving their audience this message.

He said, “Many are probably saying to themselves: I watch CNN and NBC and they don’t say anything about this.”

This statement could be said of ABC, CBS and MSNBC as well. Welcome to censorship. The difference between now and before the virus is that now censorship affects an individual’s health. If you are compromised, get the virus and do not have access to these drugs, you are more likely to die from COVID-19. Sadly, it is also true that if your doctor is a Democrat they are less likely to prescribe these life-saving drugs as well because of the media they are conditioned by. Death has now been politicized.

The biggest problem is that if Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are allowed to control the information they will tell you what to believe, even on medical issues – not doctors. Welcome to George Orwell’s “Utopia.”

What to do? The doctors recommend everyone make four calls – all political: your governor, two U.S. senators and congressmember.

“Tell them that you want to know why you’re not able to get access to a drug that doctors are telling you will” reduce COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths.

Harold W. Pease, Ph.D., is a syndicated columnist and an expert on the United States Constitution. He has dedicated his career to studying the writings of the Founding Fathers and to applying that knowledge to current events. He taught history and political science from this perspective for over 30 years at Taft College. To read more of his weekly articles, visit