Hemet City Council OKs fire department purchase of new emergency dispatch station console

The Hemet City Council presents a proclamation exclaiming National Fire Prevention Week Oct. 6-13 to firefighters from Hemet Fire Station 1 and fire Chief Scott Brown, right. Tony Ault photo

The Hemet City Council amended portions of it building and safety code relating to the abatement of dangerous buildings and approved a purchase request for an additional emergency dispatch station at its Tuesday, Oct. 8, meeting.

The city’s 1997 Uniform Code for the abatement or removal of dangerous buildings was amended to update the local climatic, geographical or topographical conditions that have changed in the ensuing years that would affect older vacant buildings that need to be razed.

The city staff reviewed the older ordinance and made changes to the code due to the changes and to take into consideration and newer state building uniform codes that can be seen in the council’s Oct. 8 agenda minutes.

The council heard a recommendation to purchase Emergency Medical Dispatch Related Equipment Funded from the American Emergency Response penalty fee account’s supplemental fund balance.

Fire Chief Scott Brown said the fire department has the use of $50,000 in AMR penalty fees for the purchase. AMR, the city’s contracted ambulance service, can be penalized to any late emergency responses with the funding going into a special fire department account for use in related issues in improving response time. The expenditures from the fund are not taken from the city general fund, Brown said.

The council at its Sept. 24 meeting had already approved $17,000 of the fund for the purchase of emergency medical dispatch related equipment – 17 key secure lockboxes – for the department and AMR use.

Brown at the Oct. 8 meeting asked for the approval of the council for the expenditure of an additional $16,668.86 for the installation of new sit-stand dispatch console in the police and fire dispatch room that will be used by two additional dispatchers being hired through Measure D funding. The company contracted to install the new console unit will be Russ Bassett. The software needed for the console is to be included in the purchase amount.

The expenditure was approved by the council following discussion.

In other business the council brought Hemet firefighters from Fire Station 1 and Brown to award them a proclamation exclaiming the week National Fire Prevention Week and thanking them for their service to the city.

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