High-level investors connect with Murrieta-based biotech startups


MURRIETA – The city of Murrieta, InSoCal Connect and eight different biotech companies located in the Murrieta Innovation Center recently traveled to Silicon Valley to promote innovation to high-level venture capital investors. The event, which was hosted and promoted by Angel Launch, sold out with 50 investors and over 300 attendees seeking information on opportunities in southwest Riverside County. This collective outreach showcased the strength of Murrieta’s entrepreneurial community and strengthened the potential to draw major investments to the region.

The local biotech startups that participated in this event included:

Trio Pharmaceuticals is a cancer therapeutics startup that has invented single-agent dual-action cancer drugs to stop both cancer growth and immunosuppression. For more information, visit www.triopharmaceuticals.com.

Sandhill Crane Diagnostics is currently developing a wireless medical diagnostic testing system for use in global rural and other low-resource health care settings. Find more information at www.sandhillcranedx.com.

Tx Genetic Research is a dynamic tissue systems approach that centers on the condition of epithelial mucosa. For more information, visit www.txgenetic.com.

EpigeneticsRx offers a comprehensive set of personalized, preventative health care tools for physicians and their patients. Visit www.epigeneticsrx.com for more information.

Alliance Research Centers is a comprehensive clinical research site management organization focused on improving the clinical trials process to increase enrollment, lower costs and accelerate the delivery of effective medical solutions. Find more information at www.researchalliance.com.

GattaCo invented a patented capillary pressure reset technology that replaces the traditional approach to processing blood samples by using a centrifuge and allows separation by a number of different factors. Visit www.gattaco.com for more information.

Murrieta Genomics provides technologies, training, mentorship and incubation to the next generation of biotechnology companies. It is focused on analysis of human and agricultural genomes using Next Generation Sequencing technology. For more information, visit www.murrietagenomics.com.

SimpliSeq is a Murrieta Genomics startup that allows doctors to select treatments that are tailored to the individual based on a genomic sequencing of the patient and their disease. The process improves accuracy, reduces costs and decreases turnaround times.

For more information about the regional startup ecosystem, the types of industry that is forming in the area and the efforts to grow angel investment and venture capital funding, contact Scott Agajanian in the city’s Economic Development Department at (951) 461-6007.

Submitted by city of Murrieta.