HS cross-country: Great Oak runs out on top at Southwestern League cluster

Murrieta Mesa’s Cole Havins (14:59.4) took the top spot in the boys’ race at the most recent Southwestern League cluster. Annette Saenz photo

The Great Oak High School Wolfpack took out the competition Thursday, Oct. 3, at the most recent Southwestern League cluster, despite Murrieta Mesa’s Cole Havins taking the top spot for the boys with a time of 14 minutes 59.4 seconds. The rest of the field for the top 5 played out like this for the boys’ three-mile run: Joshua Abrenica (15:11.7), Jacob Bustamante (15:19.9), Noah Murasmith (15:25.9) and Cameron Smith (15:32.1). The team totals were: Vista Murrieta (55), Chaparral (89), Murrieta Mesa (91), Temecula Valley (103) and Murrieta Valley (138).

For the girls race it was Joelle Upshur of Great Oak that led the pack with 18:43.2. Wrapping up the top 5 was Lauren Buckley (Great Oak, 18:49.8), Devyn Candaele (Vista Murrieta, 18:51.0), Aniya Pretlow (Vista Murrieta 18:51.1) and Makayla Fick (Vista Murrieta, 18:51.1). The team totals were: Great Oak (26), Vista Murrieta (37), Temecula Valley (96), Murrieta Mesa (118), Chaparral (133) and Murrieta Valley (138).

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