In America, we have the rule of law

Julie Reeder
Julie Reeder

It is a confusing time politically. I think it is compounded by being in the middle of pandemic restrictions. It’s a good thing we have the Constitution and rule of law to guide us.

It’s hard to discern what is true and what isn’t. Most national media outlets called the election for former Vice President Joe Biden, although they hold no authority. While he may very well be our next president, the current president’s team heard enough stories of fraud that they believed the election was being stolen from them.

It may seem unreasonable to people who voted for Biden but consider what is not really being widely reported. Broadcast media and social media “fact checkers” continue to claim there is zero evidence of election fraud, but RNC chairmember Ronna McDaniel and Kayleigh McEnany said that the Republican National Committee received 11,000 fraud incident reports from across the country and they have 500 signed affidavits. It is evidence.

It remains to be seen if it will make a difference, but it is evidence. No one knows how the election will turn out. They have the daunting task of following up on all those reports and discerning whether they are credible or not. The 500 affidavits that people have signed are under penalty of perjury, which is serious business including jail time.

Just in Wayne County, Michigan, they said they have 234 people with signed sworn affidavits testifying to what appears to be pervasive election fraud. The affidavits alleged that 60% of one batch of absentee ballots had no signature as required by state and federal law. Yet these votes were counted anyway. The affidavit alleged 35 ballots have no record of ever registering to vote, yet those votes were also illegally counted, and 50 ballots were run through counting machines multiple times, effectively counting each single ballot as multiple votes for the same candidate, potentially adding hundreds of false votes to the count.

Relatives reporting their deceased family members are showing up on voting records as having voted.

Again, who knows whether it will make a difference, but they must believe that they have enough evidence to overturn the reported election results or I don’t believe they would waste millions of dollars to investigate these claims and fight them in court.
And, is it only about the office of the president? I don’t believe so. It’s about free and fair elections. If we allow someone to manipulate our elections, our country as we know it will be lost forever. We have the right to vote for even a crook or a criminal, that’s our right, but if we start getting reports that there is manipulation and voter fraud, that is stealing from every American who took the time to do their patriotic duty and vote.

Is there voter manipulation? I’ve heard the reported stories of boxes and bags of votes coming in the back door during the night after almost everyone was sent home. I’m waiting to see if someone proves that it’s true.

Then there is Sydney Powell. You may remember her as Michael Flynn’s attorney and a bestselling author. She is well known for fighting government corruption. She has been lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals – 350 of them as an assistant U.S. attorney and appellate section chief in the western and northern districts of Texas. She is a past president of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers and the Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit, and a member of the American Law Institute.

President Donald Trump added her to his team, and she said she has been taking information from a “fire hose” about the Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic software.

She spoke about Lou Dobbs a few nights ago that she has stunning evidence from a firsthand witness and high-ranking military officer who was present when Smartmatic software was designed in a way that you could change the vote of each voter without being detected. The voter wouldn’t be tracked to the changed vote, and there would be no evidence to show that the vote had been changed.
It was created for President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. The officer saw it used in 2006 and 2013 when it was used for Chavez. He saw in real time how the votes coming in were for or against the candidate and they were able to move votes from one candidate to another. It was used for Nicolás Maduro Moros in Venezuela to adjust votes so he could win as well.

Powell said there has been willful blindness to this fraud in our country, and it has been used in every vote tabulating system in the U.S. According to Powell, the software was funded by communist money including Chavez and Castro. There are also American politicians who have invested in these voting systems.

Dobbs said that the FBI is now investigating Smartmatic, so hopefully there will be concrete answers soon.

There was a joint statement from Elections Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council and The Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Executive Committees that said, “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised.”

What we weren’t told, according to Powell, was that the presidents of Dominion Voting and Smartmatic sit on those committees.

Anyway, there is a lot going on right now and the media, Facebook and Twitter would like everyone to just be quiet and go along with what they decreed. But this is America, and we operate under the rule of law. While it may change nothing, it may change everything, and the Republican National Committee and Trump’s team deserve their day in court like Gore did in 2000 and like everyone else does.

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