Joymode opens first storefront inside Temecula Walmart

Joymode founder and CEO Joe Fernandez poses for a photo with an employee during the grand opening of the company’s first storefront located inside Walmart Temecula in November. The store offers thousands of items for seven-day rentals that can be picked up at the store. Valley News/Jeff Pack photo

Just in time for the holidays, Los Angeles-based Joymode opened its first Rentals by Joymode storefront inside Walmart Temecula in early November, hoping to capitalize on a suburban market packed with families.

“We know that people like having access to the goods and we know people will come to pick it up,” Joe Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of Joymode, said during the grand opening celebration. “So, we’ve been wanting to explore doing a permanent storefront. Our customers also told us that about 80% of the time they go buy groceries when they get something. The backyard movie night is one of our most popular. It’s the projector, screen, speakers, you know you’re going to want drinks and other stuff. You’re going to the grocery store anyway. You couldn’t get much closer because the whole Walmart grocery store is right here.”

According to Fernandez, he was told that the Walmart in Temecula is one of the top 20 performing stores in the country.

At Rentals by Joymode, customers can rent thousands of items for seven days at a time, including everything from power tools to toys to appliances to entertainment products for parties and celebrations.

“We’ve got over 2,000 products in our inventory and all of that is available for pick up here,” Fernandez said.

The storefront is located inside the Walmart near the cash registers and has items on display that customers can take with them that same visit as well as cards listing available items for pickup and eventually delivery.

“We’re going to keep trying different products and see what sticks and hopefully can continue to expand,” Fernandez said. “Hopefully we’ll make delivery available at Temecula before too long.”

Nationwide, the rental and subscription market continues to grow for everything from vehicles to vacation rentals and beyond.

“It seems like that is the trend where you have people kind of a consumption hangover, like debt, clutter, environmental impact and all of that,” Fernandez said. “You want to do new fun things, but you just don’t need to spend.”

Fernandez and his team are hoping to continue to expand the store in Temecula to include a monthly subscription option like the one they have at their headquarters in Los Angeles.

“We have a $50 a month subscription that lets you use anything as much as you want, and in LA, that’s by far the biggest,” he said. “But this is just being introduced here, and we’re just starting off with one-off rentals and eventually hope to open up the subscription option for Temecula.”

Rentals by Joymode is located inside Walmart at 32225 Temecula Parkway in Temecula.

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