Juarez responds to Valley News election Q&A

Mike Juarez is one of five candidates running for the Riverside County Board of Supervisors 3rd District seat currently held by fellow candidate Chuck Washington. Edison Gomez-Krauss, Joseph Scarafone and Courtney Sheehan are also vying for the seat. Valley News/Courtesy photo

Riverside County Board of Supervisors 3rd District incumbent Chuck Washington is facing a crowded field of challengers for his board seat March 3.

Two weeks ago, Valley News published a question and answer story with four of the candidates – Edison Gomez-Krauss, Joseph Scarafone, Courtney Sheehan and Washington. At the time, Valley News was unable to contact the fifth candidate for the seat, Mike Juarez.

Juarez was subsequently contacted and responded to the questions his fellow candidates had the opportunity to answer. Here are his answers.

What makes you uniquely qualified to hold the office you are campaigning for?

Juarez: I’m a resident of a rural community of Winchester. I’m a retired peace officer and alumnus from Fresno State University. My major field of study was labor-management relations from the School of Business. During my past 27 1/2-year career in the California State Civil Service, I have held the following positions: corrections counselor, employee relations officer, labor bargaining negotiator and analyst generalist. I self-actualized in my professional field by acquiring jobs that involved work on both sides of the bargaining table. I’ve represented both management’s and labor’s rights and interests. As a county board supervisor, I will bring diverse skills, knowledge and abilities that will enable me to collaborate with rural community leaders to enhance economic development and bring about jobs.

What is the single most pressing issue facing the district you represent/hope to represent in the years to come?

Juarez: The most pressing issues and concerns facing my District 3: Homelessness. We must provide more subsidized housing, get them a job and health coverage because you can’t hold down a job if you are sick or lack hygiene. Another issue are the impacts of cannabis production and utilization upon our communities and medical and recreational dispensary security at recreational parks, production regulations, at farms, garages, nurseries and home backyards. We should maintain sustainable clean water and clean air resources for our communities during drought periods, fire prevention due to climate change. We must develop feasible/workable plans to deal with Mother Nature’s perils.

How do you intend to tackle/solve that issue?

Juarez: To address concerns and issues within our district, we must collaborate with community leaders to develop ongoing community revitalization committees, some ad hoc and standing volunteers committees, to advise and recommend viable and sustaining solutions that are workable and viable long term.

What are some of your key objectives when/if you are elected?

Juarez: My key objectives if elected, I would connect and/or strengthen the links between the rural communities and the Indian casinos to forge partnership relations to benefit district residents. I will connect Winchester and neighboring communities of Temecula and Murrieta, including Romoland and Homeland, with the other incorporated cities of San Jacinto and Hemet, to promote and foster revitalization of Old Town Winchester, Old Town Murrieta including Old Town Temecula.

To view the answers from all the candidates, visit www.myvalleynews.com/four-candidates-seek-to-replace-washington-in-supervisors-district-3-seat.

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