As July came to an end, a barrage of local junior golfers got back to doing what they love. The Valley Junior Golf Association hosted the Murrieta Junior Championship at The Golf Club at Rancho California and many talented locals came out swinging. The tournament took place July 29-30, and though there were many new guidelines to follow due to the current pandemic, it was business as usual for those competing.

Boys and girls, ages 7 to 18, competed throughout their divisions, which included par divisions as well. VJGA was created to educate young people about the game of golf, the skill, self-discipline, the competition and the joy of the game.

Alvaro Fonseca of Winchester, who attends Temecula Valley High School, is the top performer at the Murrieta Junior Championship with a two-day score of 139. Valley News/Andrez Imaging photo

“It was a great couple of days on the course and we look forward to our next tournament,” Lou Skovron, PGA executive director of programs, said. “We are happy to provide golf tournaments, instruction, college information classes, rules, fitness classes and life skill classes to juniors between the ages of 4-18. It is our sincere hope that by participating in VJGA, members develop skills and memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.”

Here are the results for those finishers that are local to the area:

Boys 15-18 (*indicates top finisher)
*Alvaro Fonseca, 2022, Winchester: 70-69–139
Finley (Finn) Judge, 2021, Murrieta: 71-73–144
Glenn Meadows, 2022, Murrieta: 78-71–149
William Jacobsen, 2022, Temecula: 77-75–152
Nathan Vickery, 2021, Temecula: 77-77–154
Daniel Guerra, 2023, Temecula: 77-80–157
Brenden Wohlwend, 2021, Menifee: 82-78–160
Aiden Canada, 2022, Murrieta: 79-81–160
Bobby Erling, 2023, Temecula: 80-84–164
Rocco Judge, 2023, Murrieta: 93-77–170
Luke Smith, 2022, Temecula: 84-90–174
Weston Kingsley, 2023, Murrieta: 87-93–180
Ken Watanasiripong, 2022, Temecula: 92-88–180
Jake Cameron, 2023, Murrieta: 90-91–181
Ethan Nering, 2022, Menifee: 99-91–190

Boys 15-18 Par
*Trevor Karan, 2022, Murrieta: 90-87–177
Maclain Brigham, 2024, Menifee: 88-96–184
Aaron Torres, 2023, Wildomar: 101-103–204
Tyler Humphrey, 2023, Temecula: 110-96–206
Zongren Huang, 2024, Temecula: 107-107–214

Boys 13-14
Koa Baur, 2024, Temecula: 70-75–145
Collin Roppe, 2024, Temecula: 76-74–150
Dominic Taverrite, 2024, Temecula: 84-80–164
Luke Bohmer, 2025, Temecula: 87-77–164
Jacob Vickery, 2025, Temecula: 95-81–176

Boys 13-14 Par
Austin Smith, 2024, Temecula: 107-106–213

Boys 11-12
Harrison Budz, 2026, Temecula: 86-86–172
Alfredo Guerra, 2026, Temecula: 87-85–172
Camden Brown, 2026, San Clemente: 86-90–176
Maxwell Wrolstad, 2025, Fallbrook: 91-89–180
Lucas Nering, 2025, Menifee: 90-98–188
Jacob Palomares, 2026, Riverside: 98-90–188

Boys 11-12 Par
*Max Layton, 2026, Temecula: 86-95–181
Jack Hanson, 2027, Winchester: 95-105–200
Xavier David, 2027, Temecula: 102-100–202

Boys 9-10
*Charlie Bohmer, 2028, Temecula: 39-45–84
Cole Creasman, 2028, Temecula: 45-39–84
Trevor Roppe, 2028, Temecula: 47-39–86

Boys 9-10 Par
*Jeffrey Thornton, 2028, Murrieta: 51-50–101
Michaelangelo Riley, 2028, Murrieta: 56-52–108

Boys 7-8
*Brayden King, 2030, Hemet: 46-44–90

Girls 15-18
Mackenzie Carpenter, 2021, Temecula: 81-74–155
Kate Watanasiripong, 2022, Temecula: 79-76–155
Emma Mahaffey, 2022, Temecula: 86-80–166
Kailani Dugdale, 2022, Murrieta: 88-86–174
Jordyn Janert, 2022, Temecula: 92-86–178
Grayse Fa’asua, 2021, Temecula: 103-95–198
Isabella Dempsey, 2022, Temecula: 99-103–202
Arianah Serrato, 2021, Murrieta: 106-103–209
Isabella Spinden, 2023, Murrieta: (JWD)

Girls 13-14
Brooke Carpenter, 2024, Temecula: 86-82–168
Zariyah Bell-Kane, 2024, Rancho Cucamonga: 86-90–176
Sammy Shaw, 2024, Long Beach: 93-86–179
Gwyneth Dempsey, 2024, Temecula: 95-89–184
Caden Peterson, 2023, Menifee: 125-121–246

Girls 11-12
*Fay Jia, 2028, Murrieta: 40-39–79
Laliny (Wren) Saithong, 2027, Murrieta: 43-43–86
Ziyue Bi, 2025, Temecula: 42-46–88
Arianna Pascoe, 2026, Winchester: 47-47–94

Local junior golfers, ages 7 to 18, compete in late July at the Murrieta Junior Championship at The Golf Club at Rancho California. Valley News/Andrez Imaging photo

The Valley Junior Golf Association is a 501 (3)(c) nonprofit organization dedicated to young people and golf. VJGA was formed in 1987 to promote the traditions of golf and encourage competition and camaraderie among junior golfers. Statistics prove that 85% of juniors who participate in junior golf attend and graduate college.

“VJGA is proud of our ‘life-skills’ curriculum entitled ‘18 Holes Fore Success,’” Skovron said. “Our program addresses the learning and preparation process of the game of golf and the game of life. VJGA is proud of our record of success with the juniors.”

VJGA boasts PGA and LPGA tour players Rickie Fowler, Brendan Steele, John Mallinger and Sydnee Michaels, while praising former members who have had success in business and life.

“We are also very thrilled to have alumni member’s children as current members,” Skovron said.

For more information on the Valley Junior Golf Association, visit

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